Installing the garnett package requires Python 3.5+, numpy, and rowan.


If you need high performance when reading DCD files, please install Cython and build the package from source. Packages distributed via conda or pip wheels contain only the pure Python DCD reader.

With conda

To install the package with conda, execute

$ conda install -c conda-forge garnett

To upgrade, execute

$ conda update garnett


This is the recommended installation method.

With pip

To install the package with the package manager pip, execute

$ pip install garnett --user

To upgrade the package, simply execute the same command with the –upgrade option.

$ pip install garnett --user --upgrade

From source

To install from source, you can clone the git repository and use the to install the package. If Cython is installed, the DCD reader extension will be built with Cython for improved performance.

git clone
cd garnett
python install --user